Tutorial: Ordering Book Copies

Already have an account and a story or character your child created that you would like to print?

You can order a storybook at home by visiting the online MY CUSTOM SHOP located at the top of the web page. Once in the online store, you will find all of the storybooks that you have completed. You must be logged in to view your completed books online. Click on the storybook of your choice and add the quantity you would like to order. Then proceed to checkout.

Use code ‘muse’ at checkout to receive 50% off all book copies. Valid until December 31st, 2016. If you would like different dedications in your book copies, please email info@storymakery.com with the order number and the unique messages you would like to see on the inside cover of each book.

Your book will be shipped to your home. (If you are close to Irvine, California, you can also pick up your order at our Factory located at the Irvine Spectrum Center.)  

Reminder: Only an adult such as a parent and guardian can make online purchases.

You can also walk into the Storymakery Factory in Irvine, CA to create and order a storybook anytime.  A Muse staff member will guide you through the process.


Don’t have an account and want to create a storybook online?

To sign up for a free account, you'll first click on the 'sign up' link on the top navigation bar on the storymakery.com home page.  After you fill out your information, you'll receive an activation email and a welcome email. First, click on the activation link in the activation email. You'll be redirected to an activation page and asked to complete some additional information.  Once you're done, you'll be logged in to your free account. Your temporary password is included in the welcome email- you'll want to reset that password to something that is easy for you to remember. 

Children can design their character by visiting ‘Make a Character’.  Once they enter the character studio, children can personalize their character by selecting and coloring features, clothes, and accessories.  Children are able to bring their character to life by adding magical powers, family members, favorite foods, hobbies and more.

Once the account is activated and you have at least one character created, children will visit the 'Write a Story' section online. Here, they will have the option to type in their own stories or use our Story Maker. The Story Maker generates stories by asking children simple questions that allow them to personalize their story. Once the story is created, children can create supporting characters, create illustrations using our content library and then personalize their book. 

Follow the above instructions to order the book online.


Did you create a storybook but can’t find it?

Please call us at 949-431-5061 or email us at info@storymakery.com with the following information:

·         Parent First and Last Name

·         Email Address (If you have an account)

·         Character Name

·         Storybook Name

·         (approx time of year when book was created.)

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